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Online Drumming Course

'Djembe Masterclass'

Learn to play Djembe!

Welcome to the 'Djembe Masterclass', a unique and exciting new online drum course from Soul Drummer.

With over 100 professionally produced video lessons, this course has everything you need to improve your playing and get inspired.

As you progress through the course you will find lessons suitable for all skill levels.

Come on a rhythmic journey with us…

Course includes:

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    Comprehensive video lessons suitable for beginner, intermediate & advanced drummers

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    Over 100 professionally produced video lessons

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    Notation to accompany each lesson

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    Lots of fun rhythms & techniques from West Africa (Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso & Ghana) Brazil & Cuba

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    Lessons on technique, cultural background, traditional instruments, warm ups, jamming, soloing & drumming for health & wellness

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    Detailed course notes & explanations for each lesson

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    Bonus dun dun rhythm lessons & techniques

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    Bonus play along videos section where you can practice all the parts to the rhythms

About the teacher

Saul began his career as a professional drummer at an early age. He is very excited to share his immense passion for Djembe, drumming and West African music. He has been the director of Soul Drummer since 2006 and in this time he has taught literally thousands of people to play Djembe as well as focusing on performing, drum making and international touring. He has been humbled to learn the art of the Djembe and traditional Afro drumming on cultural tours to Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Brazil & Cuba.