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Interactive Wedding Performances

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to have a unique and memorable experience at your wedding with our interactive performances.  Drumming has been used for centuries as a part of weddings and celebrations around the world. There is something extremely powerful and unifying about drumming and music and it is sure to help create a wonderful, celebratory atmosphere at your wedding ceremony or reception.  Bringing family and friends together in a unique and memorable way.


How it works


With a drum or percussion instrument for each of the wedding party (or all the guests), our interactive African drum and dance sessions will have your guests completely enthralled! Our professional performers can start of the entertainment with their amazing show. Then we can lead the audience on an interactive journey with drumming, dancing, clapping and singing … resulting in everyone having a great time. The emphasis is on bringing everyone together to celebrate the wedding couple.  We will take care of the logistics and fitting in with your wedding planner to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for all. We are more than happy to create a special performance to deliver your vision for the wedding and can also offer a package with our other entertainment options (link)




5 – 45 minutes (as required)




Each event is unique so we will customise a free quote for you. This is based on the number of participants, how many performers we will bring and the duration and location of the event.






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