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Corporate Drumming

Unite your team with our dynamic team building sessions!

We specialise in team building workshops, team building drumming, drumming circles, product launches and all corporate events for businesses, companies and organisations. Operating  in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and around Australia. Connect your  team through our dynamic team building events!

  • Our highly professional and experienced facilitators will work with you to create an unforgettable interactive experience that will motivate and inspire

  • We use our drumming sessions as a metaphor for successful teams. Some of the same attributes needed for successful companies are also required when making music

  • As your team gets connected with each other, barriers are broken down and they unite towards the common goal of working together… and it’s fun!

  • We’ve helped transform teams in some of the biggest companies in Australia

Corporate Events & Entertainment

Soul Drummer team building events provide a powerful interactive experience to help unite your team and have fun at the same time. Our services are suitable for all types of events and we offer dynamic team building sessions as well as first class entertainment options.

Our services are perfect for:

  • Conferences and corporate functions

  • Product launches and promotions

  • Training sessions

  • Seminars

  • Client functions

  • Team building and leadership days or retreats

  • Stress reduction or conflict resolution programs

  • Leadership development

  • Christmas parties

  • Motivational workshops

  • End of financial year parties

  • And any other special events

Planning Your Event

Let us work with you to develop the ideal team building experience for your company. 

  • We understand that each event is unique and we can customise a program to suit your theme, desired outcomes and objectives

  • We will provide all the instruments and equipment direct to your venue or we can help arrange a suitable venue for you

  • Our professional facilitators will handle the set up and logistics and guide your group on an experiential learning process that will empower your team

  • We cater for large scale events and more intimate group sessions

  • Use us for an uplifting icebreaker, or more in-depth session team build session

Each event is unique, so we will customise a quote which considers such information as: how many participants there will be; how many team members we will bring; the duration of the session and travel time and location of the event.

Get in touch now for a quote and more information

Team Building Options

Our team building sessions offer a great way to connect and uplift your team. See some of our most popular options below or contact us to customise a session specific to you requirements.


Fully Interactive Drum Session

45 - 60 mins (recommended)

We uplift and invigorate your team to develop positive team dynamics and bonding

  • Everyone gets a drum to play in these fully interactive sessions
  • Our team of professional facilitators will lead your group on a rhythmic journey, using multi part, African rhythms and engaging team activities
  • Fun and accessible, offering some powerful opportunities to discuss effective team outcomes and develop positive team dynamics

The Energizer

20 - 45 minutes

We energise your team to enhance productivity and focus

  • Perfect for energising and connecting your group
  • Ideal at the start of the day to kick of a conference, after lunch to invigorate and enliven the senses, or as a positive way to end your event
  • Every participant gets their own drum, or ‘groove tube’ percussion instrument
  • We will tailor the session to suit your objectives

Groove Tube & Body Percussion Session

5 - 30 minutes

To create a team bonding experience and demonstrate positive team dynamics

  • Fantastic for connecting your team in a fun way especially if you don't have as much time or space for drumming
  • Your team will be led on a rhythmic journey using special rhythms and exercises to demonstrate working together effectively
  • Perfect for large groups and as an energising interlude at any corporate event

Interactive Performance

10 - 45 minutes

Entertain, enliven and uplift the audience and get your team connected. Perfect entertainment option.

  • Guaranteed to make a great impact at your event
  • Our amazing drum and dance performers will wow your team with their sensational show
  • Your team can become part of the act through the use of voice, clapping, body percussion, dance and the added option of drums
  • To motivate and inspire your team

Benefits of Drumming

There are numerous positive benefits for using drumming as a medium for team building.

Drumming has been widely recognised internationally as having powerful healing attributes, positive mental and physical outcomes and is a great stress reliever and group bonding experience.

When we make music as a group, we become in sync with each other. We develop a greater ability to work together and respect one another. This helps to develop increased morale and productivity.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Increased team cooperation

  • Developing communication skills

  • Creating awareness and listening skills

  • Uplifting energy and increases ability to concentrate

  • Developing creative thinking

  • Emphasis on the power of the team but also the importance of the individual

  • Break down of barriers

  • Stress release

  • Transcending differences such as gender, age and ethnicity

  • And especially, it is fun and accessible

We can work with you to discuss the various analogies that can be achieved from the session, making it an effective learning experience too.

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